Rules of the Raizers sponsorship operation


Article 1 - Definitions

Undefined capitalized terms used in these rules (hereinafter, the "Rules") are to be understood in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of Use of the RAIZERS platform (GTCU).

Investor(s): refers to any person who makes a subscription on the RAIZERS Platform and pays the corresponding Financing with a view to participating in a participatory financing offer.

Investment(s): refers to any Financing payment corresponding to a subscription, i.e. a commitment to participate in a participative financing offer.

Offer or Sponsorship Offer: refers to the present sponsorship offer called "RAIZERS SPONSORSHIP: WIN UP TO €100 ON YOUR NEXT INVESTMENTS".

Transaction: refers to any real estate transaction presented on the RAIZERS Platform that is intended to be financed.

Investor Sponsor: refers to any Investor on the RAIZERS Platform who sponsors a new Investor,

Article 2 - How the Sponsorship Offer works

2.1. Premiums

By opening an account with RAIZERS during the period specified in Article 3.4 hereof and subject to compliance with the eligibility conditions of the Sponsorship Offer detailed in Article 3 hereof:

  • The sponsoree receives a €50 bonus for his or her first investment on the RAIZERS Platform, subject to delivery of a sponsor code provided by the Sponsor Investor. The sponsoree receives a second bonus of €50 following his or her second Investment.
  • The Sponsor Investor receives a bonus of €50 for each Investment made by the sponsoree, up to a limit of two investments per sponsoree.

Premiums will be paid in Euros to the Investor's or Sponsor Investor's account on the RAIZERS Platform and may only be reinvested on the RAIZERS Platform.

2.3 Operation

2.3 .1 Communicating the sponsor code

In order to benefit from his bonus, the Sponsor Investor must communicate his sponsor code to his sponsored child(ren). This code will be sent by e-mail by RAIZERS and is also available at any time in the "My Profile" section of the RAIZERS Platform, which contains a summary of all the godchildren of the Investor Sponsor. This section also contains the contact details of the Investor Sponsor's godchildren (address, e-mail address, first and last name). The Investor Sponsor can also use this section to invite his or her godchildren directly, by entering their e-mail address.

The sponsoree(s) must enter the sponsor code when registering on the RAIZERS Platform.

2.3.2 Premium payments

Bonus payments will be made at the end of each financing operation, i.e. when the contractual success threshold of an equity financing offer has been reached.

Written confirmations will be sent to the godchild and the Investor Sponsor by e-mail upon payment of the bonus.

It is understood that the sponsoree has a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) days from receipt of written confirmation from RAIZERS to cancel his or her Investment. If this period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it is extended until the next working day. In such a case, RAIZERS will have to reimburse the sponsoree for his or her Investment and will be entitled to claim reimbursement of the sponsorship bonuses (the one paid to the Sponsor Investor and the one paid to the sponsoree).

If a Transaction were to be financed after the term of the Settlement, the sums would remain due to the Investor and would be paid under the terms indicated in the Settlement.

These amounts will be available on the Investor's electronic money account, hosted by the Institutional Partner MangoPay. These amounts can only be used in the context of an Investment via the RAIZERS Platform and cannot be paid in cash to the Investor.

A Sponsor Investor may only sponsor 10 sponsored children, and a sponsored child may only benefit from the Sponsorship Offer once. It is understood that if a sponsored child does not register on the RAIZERS Platform within one month of obtaining the sponsor code, the Sponsor Investor may sponsor another child instead. Furthermore, if a sponsored person registers on the RAIZERS Platform but does not make an Investment in an Operation within six (6) months of registration, the Sponsor Investor may sponsor another sponsored person instead.

Article 3 - Terms of use

3.1 Conditions applicable to the Investor Sponsor

The Sponsor Investor must have already invested in a Transaction via the RAIZERS Platform to be eligible for the Sponsorship Offer.

3.2 Conditions applicable to the sponsoree

The sponsoree may benefit from the Offer provided that the following conditions are met:

  • He may have only one Sponsor Investor;
  • He/she must not already be a RAIZERS account holder on the date of the sponsorship request;
  • He must invest within 6 months of his registration date. If the sponsored member has not invested within 6 months, the sponsor code is deactivated;
  • It must not be attached to a wealth management advisor who has a business relationship with RAIZERS.

3.3 Conditions of validity of the Offer

RAIZERS reserves the right to refuse or cancel the registration of any User or Investor for any reason whatsoever (falsified identity, compliance with anti-money laundering laws, knowledge questionnaire, country of origin or residence, etc.).

RAIZERS reserves the right to cancel or limit the Sponsorship Offer if it finds that a Sponsored Investor or a Sponsoree has created several RAIZERS accounts by any means whatsoever (via the e-mail address of a third party, via a business e-mail address separate from the personal e-mail address used to create the account, etc.) and, more generally, if RAIZERS finds that the ultimate beneficiary of the Sponsorship Offer has already benefited from this Offer.

RAIZERS reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate this Offer at any time, subject to the publication of a notice on the website, giving ten (10) calendar days' notice.

3.4. Duration and entry into force

The Regulations come into force on 12/12/2023. They are applicable to all Investors registered on the RAIZERS Platform from that date.

The Sponsorship Offer is valid until 12/05/2024.

Article 4 - Contact point

If you have any questions about this Sponsorship Offer, please contact RAIZERS at the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Article 5 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Regulations are governed by French law.

Any dispute that may arise between the Parties concerning the validity, interpretation, performance or, more generally, the Regulations shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Paris Commercial Court and the Paris Court of Appeal.